P O E T R Y  S L A M

First Friday of every month, 7pm signup, 7:30pm show
allsaints Event Space, 10 Blackburn Ave


ORIGINAL WORK: Poets must perform original work.

LENGTH: You have three minutes to perform one poem in each round, unless otherwise informed of a special time limit. Poems written in parts (i.e. eight haiku about winter) are allowed if they are performed as one piece. For certain competitions the time limit is changed; this will be announced in advance.

TIME PENALTY: After three minutes and a ten second grace period, your overall score will be penalized. Time penalties are half a point for every ten second you go over. For example: if your performance is 3:09:29, you are in the clear. If it is 3:10:01, 0.5 points will be subtracted from your score. 

PROPS: You cannot use props, costumes or musical accompaniment. You can beat box, make arm pit noises, whistle, or sing. You cannot break out the kazoo or bring a beat loop.


MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: You cannot use any musical instruments for your performance that cannot be produced by your body alone. 


NUDITY: No Nudity (Sorry)

JUDGES: Your poem and performance will be judged by five randomly selected judges before the show. Every effort is made to select a diverse group of judges that preferably do not have any connections to any of the competing poets. If a poet has a problem with any of the judges selected, they should notify the host before the competition begins.

SCORING: The judges will score each performance from 0.0 to 10.0. If we have five judges the high and low scores are dropped and the three scores in the middle are added together. This sum is your score for the round. 


SIGN-UP: Sign-up is an open sign-up and is first-come-first-serve. If you have performed before you may be added to a waiting list and will be included in the evening’s slam if there are no new slammers.